How to Ignite Academic Interest in Young Students

Ever felt it a struggle to get your child interested in learning? Read on to find out the tips we have curated for igniting academic interest in young students!

Ever felt it a struggle to get your child interested in learning? As a learning center that is centered around preparing young students for the PSLE, we are all too familiar with the reluctant students who drag their feet to class for the first few lessons. However, after being exposed to our curriculum, our students keep coming back to learn more. Want to know our secret? Read on to find out the tips we have curated for igniting academic interest in young students!

Answer the question of Why

Discovering the wonders of learning with TTA

Firstly, many children often question the use of learning classroom curriculum. Often, all that is told to them is that they have to do well in their exams in order to get into a ‘good’ school, obtain a ‘good’ degree, work in a ‘good’ company, and live life happily. However, what is the point of learning all the things they learn in school besides possibly securing a good path in life? This is the side to learning that is not often shown to students. Almost ironically, very few students know the purpose of learning what they learn in schools, and are hence unmotivated to learn what they deem as ‘unimportant’. It is important to show them the importance of learning this information, so that they understand why they are learning it, and gain motivation to learn it well. In order to do this, you can let them see the relevance of what they learn in schools in their daily life. For example, in our Science classes, science concepts are linked to real-life scenarios, where we discuss the generation of electricity through solar panels at the top of Supertrees at Gardens by the Bay. In our P1/P2 Chinese June Holiday Programme, we also conducted the lesson through at show and tell format, creating a more interactive and fun environment for our students to learn in.

Learning doesn’t have to be boring

TTA’s Imaginary Mathematics Holiday Trip

Another way to get young students motivated to learn is to make learning fun. After all, who wants to learn when it is all hard work and no play? Incorporate play into learning, so that your child can view learning in a positive light, and will be motivated to learn. For example, in our recently concluded Primary 1 and Primary 2 June Holiday Programme, we incorporate fun themes and games into classes to get the young students excited about learning. In our Math classes, we also incorporated a fun element of puzzle solving to help students learn about the math concept of ‘after’ and ‘between’ with a number line and deepen their understanding of number positions.

Make Learning Hands-On

TTA’s very own Drama game

Learning can be monotonous at times, where students simply listen to a teacher drone on and on about the curriculum, and then do the many practice questions required of them. But it doesn’t always have to be this way! Giving your child the opportunity to learn through other more active methods can be enriching and rewarding, as they are more likely to remember what they have learnt that way, and will enjoy it when they are learning. For example, you can create a project for your child to complete while learning what is required of their curriculum. In our P1/P2 Science lessons, we are launching an electronic vehicle/robot making project which allows our young students to learn how electrical circuits work through a hands-on project, relevant to the MOE syllabus. For our P1/P2 English classes, we also start with a simple drama game that supports the lesson objectives and eases the students into the lesson.

All in all, learning classroom curriculum can be boring to young students when it is monotonous and detached to them. Show your child the relevancy of learning such information, and make learning fun with hands-on activities to increase their motivation for learning!

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