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A Nurse’s Care and Mother’s Love: The Recipe for PSLE Success

Facing the daunting road to PSLE preparation can unnerve most Singaporean parents. Are you supporting your child to realise their potential to the fullest? Is your child receiving the proper guidance? How sure are you? Josephine Tan, mother of two of TTA's PSLE high-scorers, Keane and Kayden, found herself asking those same questions in her sons' journey to the PSLE. Read on as she shares the journey which led both her boys onto academic excellence.

Natalie’s journey from achieving 60% to 100% in Math

Natalie experienced a sudden drop in grades when she was promoted from Primary 4 to Primary 5. Hoping to bring her grades up again, her mother enrolled her in Think Teach Academy, where we analysed the mistakes she had made and how she could improve. Equipped with the right techniques, Natalie began to improve in her mathematics assessments. Find out more about Natalie’s story in our latest blog post.

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