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Our Primary 3 and 4 programmes focus on laying the right foundation for content and concept mastery so that your child will be prepared for the steep ascend to Primary 5 when it comes. Moreover, as your child will be new to exams, our Primary 3 and 4 programmes will introduce and sharpen their exam-taking skills such as goal setting, time management and answering precision.

Programme Outlines

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We see Primary 3 and Primary 4 as important formative years for children to read widely, broaden vocabulary, and be influenced by good writing.

Expect lessons to be based on themes and littered with articles on thought provoking current affairs and interesting trivia knowledge. The aim is to get your child excited to read and learn which will then make for the perfect opportunity to teach him or her to appreciate the beauty of the English language.

Content Coverage

- Continuous Writing (Junior Writing Class Programme)
- Paper 2 (Full English Programme)
- Oral (Full English Programme)
- TTA Smart Study Notes of Signature Techniques


Primary 3 and Primary 4 are the first two years your child will learn and be tested on Science. We want to bring out the scientist in your child and make sure the experience of learning science is a memorable one.

Expect science concepts to be taught through hands-on experiments, teacher demonstrations and engaging videos. Exam excellence will also not be ignored as your child will learn to apply concepts as well as our answering structures to a series of practice questions.

Content Coverage

- MOE Prescribed Topics from P3 to P4
- Practice Questions for Booklet A (MCQ) and Booklet B (Application Questions)
- TTA Concept Notes
- TTA Templated Answering Structures for Booklet B


P3 and P4 Mathematics begin to involve visualisation of number patterns and geometric shapes. In addition to learning various heuristics to solve word problems on paper, your child will be challenged with hands-on activities where he or she learns to visualise the formation of complex shapes, patterns and number sequences.

Content Coverage

- MOE Prescribed Topics from P3 to P4
- Practice Questions for Papers 1 and 2
- TTA Smart Study Notes of Signature Techniques

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