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Our Primary 5 and 6 programmes are unabashedly exam-centric. The PSLE is a major milestone in your child’s academic journey. It is only natural as parents to be concerned. We understand that and we are confident we have the right game plan and teachers to guide your child towards PSLE success. Come on this journey with us and experience for yourself why so many students are hooked onto the Think Teach difference.

Programme Outlines

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The focus at this stage is to expose your child to every single examinable question that could possibly be tested in school examinations as well as the PSLE. Write short description here Your child will go through intensive revision and practice to develop exam savvy and master how to use our smart techniques to score top marks for any and all examinations.

Content Coverage

- Situational & Continuous Writing
(Master Writing Class Programme)
- Situational Writing & Paper 2
(Full English Programme)
- Oral (Full English Programme)
- TTA Smart Study Notes of Signature Techniques


Exam excellence is the chief objective during these two pivotal years. Your child will be taught new topics for P5 and P6 and revise important topics from P3 and P4. Periodically, hands-on experiments will be conducted to showcase important and challenging concepts.

The key here is to attain a firm grasp of concepts under these topics and learn how to use our templated answering structures to score maximum marks for Booklet B Application Questions.

Content Coverage

- MOE Prescribed Topics from P3 to P6
- Practice Questions for Booklet A (MCQ) and Booklet B (Application Questions)
- TTA Concept Notes
- TTA Templated Answering Structures for Booklet B


Concept mastery, problem-solving prowess and extensive practice are the three pillars of success in PSLE Mathematics. Our P5 and P6 programmes are designed to reflect this philosophy. P5 and P6 topics are taught first before a revisit and revision of P1 to P4 topics. 

A sound understanding of concepts from these topics is key. In addition, your child will be exposed to a comprehensive range of word problems of various complexity, and learn how to apply the most efficient heuristics to solve them with ease.

Content Coverage

- MOE Prescribed Topics from P1 to P6
- Practice Questions for Papers 1 and 2
- TTA Smart Study Notes of Signature Techniques


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