Month October 2022

Upcoming Educational Reforms: What do they mean for your child?

As many of you have already heard, or even experienced for yourself, Singapore’s education system is set to go through reforms in the coming years. Many debate the pros and cons of these reforms, and the speed of which they are impacting our children. With this upcoming change, are you and your child prepared to step into this new, uncertain future? Read our newest blog to understand how these reforms have, and will continue to impact your child for the years to come.

Natalie’s journey from achieving 60% to 100% in Math

Natalie experienced a sudden drop in grades when she was promoted from Primary 4 to Primary 5. Hoping to bring her grades up again, her mother enrolled her in Think Teach Academy, where we analysed the mistakes she had made and how she could improve. Equipped with the right techniques, Natalie began to improve in her mathematics assessments. Find out more about Natalie’s story in our latest blog post.

Think Teach Academy’s PhD Approach to PSLE

A PhD student requires a high level of discipline and hard work to complete their studies. In Think Teach, we apply PhD standards to our PSLE approach, ensuring that our teachers are well updated and putting our curriculum through rigorous testing. In order to reach their fullest potential, our students are encouraged to think smart and study smart, much like a PhD student.

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