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Started from the corporate world, now she’s here!

It's Teacher Evette's turn! We sit down with our head of English Curriculum for an interview to get to know her better. We are infected by her love for teaching and find out for the first time that she, like some of us, chose to give up a promising path in the corporate world for the rewarding privilege to interact with and nurture young minds.

5 Commonly Tested Question Types in 40 Questions for P3 & P4 English

Master war tactician, Sun Tzu, famously advised us to “know your enemy” so that “in a hundred perils you will never be in peril”. Although we do not want students to regard examinations as going into battle, the analogy is an apt one. If students prepared themselves by mastering every type of question they might be tested on, they would always excel in any assessment and hence, “never be in peril”. The truth is that while worthwhile, documenting and categorising questions is an extremely laborious task. However, there is good news for you. We have done the heavy lifting on your behalf! Taking it upon ourselves, we have trawled through countless examination papers and recorded every single type of question that has been tested. From 2017 to 2022, we have sorted and recorded, a little over 40 different grammar question types that schools in Singapore have tested their Primary 3 and 4 students. We have even noted down the frequency of which these question types get tested.

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