For families moving (back) to Singapore, the SPERS (for Singaporeans or PR) or AEIS (for foreigners) is the examination you have to take the gain admission to the best local schools in Singapore. With years of experience and success under our belt, we have the right tools and teachers to guide your child to succeed in the SPERS or AEIS placement examinations. 

Our programme comprehensively covers every tested topic and is minimally 10 weeks long. Your child will even get to familiarise himself or herself with the SPERS/AEIS examination demands with our well-designed SPERS/AEIS mock examinations. 

Classes are mostly conducted on a 1-1 private basis or in cosy and conducive small-group basis.

IP, GCE ‘O’ Levels &

There is a difference in sequence, content and difficulty level among the various secondary school international examination such as the GCE O-Level and the IGCSE. We ensure relevance and efficacy of our classes by assigning teachers who specialise in the specific type of examination that the student is taking.

Whether our students are in the Integrated Programme, GCE O-Level or IGCSE track, they would be met with a Think Teach curriculum that would not only prepare them well for examinations but also challenge them to inquire, deliberate and explore.

IB Diploma

The IB Diploma is a demanding but highly fulfilling pre-tertiary programme where time is of the essence. In less than 2 years, students have to prepare for their final examinations as well as complete and ace a series of coursework for each and every subject they take. In addition, they would also be graded on an extended essay and a research essay in the Theory of Knowledge. To help our students succeed, we do not just teach them what they need to know, we also consult and guide our students through their assignments.

GCE ‘A’ Levels

With less than 2 years to prepare for the A level examinations, we have strategically crafted our Junior College programmes to be intensive, relevant and punchy. Content mastery and precise application form the focus of every class. We pride ourselves on having masterful teachers who make the difficult easy and relatable so students can easily grasp important concepts. Their understanding of such concepts is then tested and refined as they undergo rigorous practice sessions where they apply what they have learnt answering questions handpicked by us.

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