After the PSLE:  Choosing the Right Secondary School Path for Your Child
Dear Parents,Congratulations! With your child’s PSLE results on hand, he or she has officially graduated from primary school. The next step is to choose the right secondary school path that matches your child’s interest, aptitude and ambition.There are a host of considerations to ponder over. They include convenience (eg. distance from home), general reputation of the school, CCAs offered, SAP school, and of course the academic programme on offer. We will focus on the academic programme that your child may embark on for his or her secondary school studies.There are a number of paths your child..
December Holiday Headstart Programme
Dear Parents & Students,TTA has just grown bigger to serve you better! We now have a home in four regions in Singapore. Our learning centres are conveniently located in the following areas: King Albert Park Mall (Bukit Timah) Upper Thomson Road (Near Thomson Plaza)Siglap Centre (Siglap/East Coast) Stars of Kovan (Hougang/Kovan) For the first time, our popular December Holiday Headstarter Programme (DHP) will be offered online as well as at our four centre locations. Our DHP will be conducted between 29 Nov 2021 to 23 Dec 2021, covering English, Chinese, Mathematics and Science, and are sui..
3 Step Equate-Multiply-Solve framework to solve any Simultaneous & Substitution word problem!
Dear Students,Mastering the 3 Step Equate-Multiply-Solve (EMS) framework will help you solve challenging Simultaneous & Substitution word problems that are commonly tested at P5 & P6 Math examinations.In this video, we will be applying this framework on 8 word problems using the EMS framework.You may download the Simultaneous & Substitution worksheet via this link and attempt it fully before watching the video in this blogpost:!..
What are the common key features of Number x Value (NxV) Problem Sums?
Dearest P6 Students,Number x Value (NxV) Problem Sums have always been intimidating and many students are still not confident in identifying the key features of such problem sums.In this video, we will be going through 6 NxV problem sums and showing you how to identify the 3 common key features of NxV problem sums.​​​​​​​You may download the NxV worksheet via this link and attempt it fully before watching the video in this blogpost: watch this video after attempting the worksheet:If you are up for th..
PSLE Marking Day Programme
With the end-of-year SA2 exam fast approaching, Think Teach Academy will take the opportunity during the PSLE Marking Days to hold a series of intensive revision lessons for P3 to P5 students. These intensives will take place from 18 October (Monday) to 21 October (Thursday) and are aimed at providing the optimal preparation your child needs ahead of the SA2 exam.   This year, we will be offering 4 subjects: English, Chinese, Mathematics & Science, and students can choose to attend our intensives at our centres or from the comfort of their own homes via online lessons.     ..
3R Programme (Revise, Recap & Reassure)
We want to thank you for allowing us to be a part of your child's journey towards the PSLE. To show our continuous support, we would like to offer you an exclusive 20% discount of our final 3R programme before the PSLE! This discount applies if you enrol for 3 or more lessons of our 3R programme.   Think Teach Academy will be conducting our annual Revise, Recap & Reassure (3R) Programme from 27 September to 4 October 2021. The 3R Programme is strategically scheduled just before the PSLE Written Examinations to provide one final exam preparation lesson for Primary 6 students.    Eac..
PSLE English Paper 1 Push by Teacher Algene
This is the final and much needed PUSH your child needs for PSLE English Composition and Situational Writing! I will be personally conducting the classes wherein I will focus on 2 main approaches: Our Copy not Embellish Approach for Situational Writing and Our One Storyline Approach for Composition.   For those of you who do not know what our One Storyline Approach is, it is really simple. At Think Teach, we arm our students with flexible and effective storylines and teach them how to adapt them to fit and answer as many composition topics as possible. This way, students do not have to c..
September Holiday Programme
Sign up for our September Holiday intensives to give your child   ONE FINAL BOOST FOR THE PSLE!   Our September Holiday intensives will focus on everything your child must know before he or she enters the exam hall. It will also cover question trends and question types that are being spotted for this year’s PSLE.   (1) PSLE Final Exam Revision 2021 PSLE English Intensive (1 lesson) P5 & P6 Content Coverage: Grammar, Synthesis & Transformation, and Comprehension Open-ended We all know the importance of the Continuous Writing component in PSLE English. But in a..
TTA 2021 Mock PSLE Listening Comprehension Programme
Dear Parents,   Think Teach Academy’s annual Listening Comprehension Mock PSLE Exam is back! Our Mock Exams are always a big hit because they are designed by us to model closely after the actual PSLE.   This year, we will be running an English and Chinese edition! And to fully prepare your child for the upcoming PSLE, we have prepared 2 mock exams per subject.   So each session will cover one subject, be 1.5h long, and will include 2 mock exams and a run through of the papers with answers and explanations.   P5 and P4 students who are up for the c..
PSLE Final Oral Preparation Online Lesson
Dear Parents,   When it comes to English Oral, our approach has always been to fixate on Structure and Form. We want students to dazzle the examiner by adopting our approach which is about making a good first impression and leaving a lasting impression.   In this 2h lesson, we will shine the spotlight on posturing with confidence, reading with eloquence and conversing with passion. In addition, your child will be coached on using our conversation template and structure - our results proven A-R-O-S-E structure - to ace Stimulus Based Conversation.   We have also sp..
P5/6 Science: Booklet B Revision Mastery Classes
Does your child feel vexed when they know every concept in the science textbook inside out but is still not able to score well for the open ended questions in Booklet B?   The frustration is further compounded when students are required to exercise critical thinking to apply the textbook concepts they have learnt to real life scenarios. Some cases in point include the PSLE 2020 questions of (1) using experiment setup skills to control the population of the mosquitoes amid a seasonal outbreak of dengue fever, and (2) using heat and water cycle concepts to explain why there is a layer ..
P5/6 Math: Master PSLE Math Problem Sums with our Signature Techniques
Did you know that most tricky and challenging problem sums in the PSLE always come from just 5 topics: Fractions, Ratio, Percentage, Average and Whole Numbers? Being able to solve these problem sums is crucial and will definitely help boost your child's chances of acing the PSLE Math exam.  The problem is that given the higher difficulty level, many students tend to stumble on these questions. The good news, however, is that your child does not have to be one of those students. That is if your child learns and masters our Number x Value ("NxV") and Before-Change-After ("BCA") approaches..
P5/6 English Compo: One Storyline Approach Mastery Classes
Dear Parents,   As we draw ever so near to the end-of-year exams, we know Composition is the main concern of most parents now.   By popular demand, we will be dedicating our next English Mastery Series to Composition. We will be conducting a 2-lesson intensive online Mastery Class on our famed One Storyline Approach.   For those of you who do not know what our One Storyline Approach is, it is really simple. At Think Teach, we arm our students with flexible and effective storylines and teach them how to adapt them to fit and answer as many composition topics as..
TTA's Free Exam Booster Classes (P3 to P6)

From 18 June to 25 June, we will be conducting a series of FREE online classes for English, Math, and Science. All classes will be conducted via Zoom Webinar and we have increased the class limit to 500 so there should be more than enough vacancies to accommodate everyone! :) 


All are invited to attend but please make sure you complete the worksheets first before attending so you can participate in and benefit from the classes!

TTA Mid Year Exam Video Revision Package
Dear Parents,   We want to give your child that extra boost as he/she prepares for the upcoming Mid Year Exams (SA1)!   Practice makes perfect and with the SA1 upon us, the best form of preparation now is to revise what had been taught and practise doing past year papers. Our team of PSLE specialists has handpicked a number of challenging past year school papers to help your child push for exam excellence. We have recorded and prepared teaching videos of us going through and explaining each and every question in these papers. We will also be sharing valuable exam ..
P5&6 Mid-Year Exam Science Booster Class by Teacher Genevieve
Dear Parents,   We have designed the ultimate Mid Year Exam Science preparation lesson and if your child is in P5 or P6, we strongly encourage you to sign your child up.   In just one 2h intensive masterclass, we will cover 7 of the most important science topics and run through a series of must-know application questions in relation to these topics. From start to end, we will guide your child to the right answer. Together with your child, we will analyse the questions, recap the concepts, teach our answering templates and writing structures and show how to use them to..
June Holiday Programme
Dear Parent,   Think Teach Academy’s June Holiday Programme 2021 will take place during the 4-week school holiday period (31 May to 27 June 2021). This year, in addition to our usual Primary 3 - 6 English, Mathematics and Science programmes, we will also be offering Primary 5 - 6 Chinese programmes. Both centre-based classes (at our King Albert Park & Upper Thomson branches) and online classes will be open for registration. Each programme comprises four 2-hr lessons, each lesson held once a week. The curriculum covered for each programme is shown below.     Primary ..
Dear Parent, Here’s another video of Teacher Algene making PSLE English simple and straightforward. This time the focus is on Word Transformation questions that always appear in Synthesis & Transformation. Be sure to watch this video to pick up some useful tips and tricks that will sure to help you study smarter and score higher! ..
Dear Parent, In this video, we introduce our much raved about writing structure and template to score full marks for Cells application questions.   Watch Part I here!..
Dear Parent, Watch this video for a step-by-step explanation on how you can use our Equate-Multiply-Solve approach to getting maximum marks for Whole Numbers (Substitution) Problem Sums! ..
Dear Parent, This video covers a recap of the crucial concepts in the topic of Magnets. We will also share how you can use our 3 Golden Rules to always score in Magnet questions. Try it in your next exam and see the difference! ..
Dear Parent, Rearrange & Form is our secret formula to getting you through those tricky area and perimeter questions in PSLE Math. Watch this video to learn our approach and grow more confident in answering Area and Perimeter questions! ..
Teacher Algene’s Synthesis and Transformation, Editing, Comprehension Open Ended Masterclass
Dear Parent,   The aim of our signature English Mastery Series is to dedicate a series of intensive masterclasses to focus fire on crucial components of the PSLE English paper. In these masterclasses, your child will be taught our results-proven techniques and be given the opportunity to practise and apply them to a variety of commonly tested questions that were handpicked by us.   We are excited to announce that the upcoming masterclass will be conducted by our Co-founder, Teacher Algene, himself. It will be 2 intensive online lessons of 2h each and the spotlight this t..
Dear Parent, Water and Changes in State is an important topic in PSLE Science. It will appear in the MCQ and Application Question sections. We will even apply our templated writing structure to 2020’s PSLE Question to further guide you on how you too can apply our structure to scoring top marks! Watch this video to learn our 4-step answering template and structure that you can use to score maximum marks for application questions on this topic. ..
Dear Parent, LCM problem sums are always tested in school exams and the PSLE. Many students either struggle to solve them or use a long and confusing method. We want to change that! Watch this video to learn our easy-to-remember and easy-to-apply technique to tackling all kinds of LCM problem sums.   ..
March Holiday SA1 Headstart Programme
Dear Parent,   Our March Holiday SA1 Headstart Programme is designed to give our P3 to P6 students this year a headstart for their upcoming mid-year examinations. In the English, Chinese, Math and Science classes, we will be covering components of the exam that students often face in their exams, such as struggling to come up with a creative story during their English Composition exam, answering a Chinese Comprehension Open Ended question, Visualising Complex Shapes in a Math Area question, or Crafting an answer to a Science Open Ended Question that will be able to secure marks ..
Dearest Parents, This Chinese New Year amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, we hope to bring some cheer and joy by doing something we have never done before! For the first time, we will be revealing our tips and tricks across all subjects (English, Chinese, Math, Science) in this series of videos created by our teachers. Think Teach Academy is the PSLE Powerhouse, offering P3 to P6 classes for English, Chinese, Math and Science. Our lessons are conducted online via zoom and at our centres in Upper Thomson Road and King Albert Park Mall. Are you interested in seeing for yoursel..
Dear Parents, The nucleus is an important part found in an animal or plant cell. In this video, we would be focusing on one activity that the nucleus controls - Cell Division. Cell division serves 3 purposes: growth, reproduction as well as to repair and replace damaged cells. A solid understanding of Cell Division is required to tackle common exam questions on "Cell Division" in the topic of Cells. Watch Part 2 of our Cells video for our answering techniques and structures to getting PSLE Cells questions right! ..
PSLE Math: P6P5 Numbers Star Class
Dear Parents, Every year in February, we take the opportunity to conduct an intensive course to cover one of the most important areas of the PSLE Math Paper before students take their CA1 paper. Analysing the PSLE Math trends for the last 5 years, we can tell you that every year WHOLE NUMBER WORD PROBLEMS take up at least 15% of the PSLE Math Paper. We do not see this year to be any different and that is why it is so crucial that your child is primed and ready to tackle such problems.  At Think Teach Academy, we have formulated easy-to-remember techniques and easy-to-apply heuristic s..
Dear Parents, This video covers 2 parts of an important and commonly tested question under the Water Cycle topic. Learn and apply our answering structures and templates to similar questions under the Water Cycle and start scoring full marks! Try out our tips in your next exam and see the difference for yourself!  ..
Dear Parents, Watch this video for a real life application of the important PSLE Science topic: The Water Cycle. We also cover the important concepts you need to know to answer Water Cycle questions in your exams. ..
Dear Parents, In this video, we share some tips and one of our proven techniques to help PSLE students score higher for their Chinese Comprehension. Watch as we teach you how to break down comprehension questions into their question types, and guide you through step-by-step on how to apply our technique to getting top marks. ..
PSLE English: Composition Writing Programme
Dear Parents, Thank you for indicating interest in our writing programmes! Here is a copy of our 2021 Brochure for your reference. Our Composition Writing Programme draws inspiration from our famed One Storyline Approach. It is a composition-centric programme that is focused on elevating your child’s writing ability. To boost content marks, we inspire your child with our creative and flexible storylines and coach him/her on how to adapt the storylines to fit any given composition topic. To score top m..
PSLE Chinese: Comprehension Mastery Part 1
Dear Parent, Join us in two of our regular classes where we will be covering one of the commonly feared components – Comprehension. It will be conducted in a highly engaging and exam focused manner. There are 11 possible types of Comprehension questions. 6 of which will be covered in Part 1 of our Comprehension Mastery series. Chinese Comprehension can be a breeze if you approach it with a system and a structure. And that is exactly what we have devised at Think Teach. In Part 1 of our Comprehension Mastery, Teacher Li Lin will be covering her signature 3A approach (Acquire, Analyse..
Dear Parents, This is a short video Masterclass to help you learn or revise what you need to know and do to score full marks for Informal Situational Writing. Learn and apply our 8 Golden Rules and you would find yourself always scoring! Try it out for your next exams and let us know how it goes! ..
Dear Parents, Reported Speech is commonly tested in Synthesis and Transformation. So it is important that you know how to answer the 4 different types of Reported Speech questions. In this video, we reveal some of our handy tricks and techniques that you can use to avoid making errors and always score full marks! Try them out in your next exam! ..
Dear Parents, To always score maximum marks for your Comprehension (T/F) questions, all you need to do is to follow this 2-step process.  (1) Identify the points the statement is making (2) If the statement is true, write out evidence from the passage that proves the point(s). If false, write it evidence from the passage that disproves the point(s). This is our little secret to always getting full marks for such questions. Go ahead and give it a try! ..
Dear Parents, Who says Comprehension Cloze can’t be taught? At Think Teach, we have identified that schools and the PSLE commonly test 3 clues in Comprehension Cloze. Here is a short video to find out what these clues are and learn how to identify them to score higher for your next Comprehension Cloze passage. ..
Dear Parents, Here is a short video learning the ins and outs of a storyline and adapting it to fit as many composition topics as your imagination allows using TTA’s signature One Storyline Approach. ..
PSLE Science: Teacher Gen's Online Science Experiment Set Up Free Response Question Masterclass
Dear Parents,   In this masterclass taught personally by our head of Primary Science, Teacher Genevieve, we focus on Experimental Set-Up Free Response Questions commonly tested in Booklet B of the Science PSLE. We will cover all 6 Experiment Set-Up Question Types: Aim of Experiment, Relationship, Fair Test, Reliable Result, Control Setup and Making Experiment Conclusion. As a capstone to the programme, we will apply these skills taught to design, conduct, and conclude an actual science experiment in class!   These questions usually make up 10 out of 44 marks ..
PSLE Chinese: Chinese Composition Masterclass
Dear Parent,  Have you heard? We will be offering regular weekly P5 and P6 Chinese classes starting in 2021!  We have invested in a stellar team and in curriculum design and development. Staying true to our Think Teach brand, our Chinese teachers are highly qualified, dedicated and effective. Our materials embody our study-smart-score-higher Concept Teaching Approach which has proven highly successful for our English, Math and Science classes. We simply cannot wait to showcase the difference to you when your child joins us for classes!  As a special promotion and for this month on..
Dear Parents, We are at it again! With the SA2 fast approaching, we have produced and uploaded yet another video on our YouTube channel. This video focuses on 5 Commonly Tested Grammar Questions that every P4 student must know! It's a short masterclass by Teacher Algene. Please do get your child to watch it! It will be beneficial, we promise :)  If you like to watch more of such videos, please visit and subscribe to our YouTube channel. You may also follow our Instagram page so that you will be informed every time we make a new video for students. We wish our young ones all the best ..
PSLE English: Teacher Algene’s Grammar, Synthesis and Transformation Mastery
Dear Parents, Our Co-founder, Teacher Algene, is repeatedly recognised as one of the best and most impressive PSLE English tutors. Every year, there are calls by parents for Teacher Algene to conduct more English lessons for their children. 

Come February, Teacher Algene will be answering this call by conducting his highly sought after Grammar and Synthesis & Transformation Intensive programme online! 

We will be using a whole series of questions to teach your child our easy to remember tricks and techniques that would help him/her be able to answer many tricky yet commonly tested grammar..
PSLE English: Teacher Algene’s One Storyline Approach Master Series
Dear Parents, Our signature One Storyline Approach strikes again! Since the change in syllabus of English composition in 2015, our students have managed to fit our flexible storylines to Being Considerate (2015), A Secret (2016), A Special Gift (2017), Teamwork (2018), Celebration (2019) and Something That Was Lost (2020).  Buoyed by our success stories, Teacher Algene, our co-founder, will be conducting a 2-lesson composition master series on our One Storyline Approach. The entire master series will be online and the aim is to show P5 students how to write high scoring and creative stor..
Exam Tips To Answer PSLE Science With Ease
Dear Parents, In this video, we would be touching on 5 open-ended questions that cover the following topics:                               Using these questions from the 2020 prelim papers, we would be revising the key concepts and highlighting areas you have to mindful of. Don’t worry, these questions are not challenging. Instead, this will increase your confidence and tackle the science open-ended questions with ease.                                    ..
Exam Tips To Strengthen PSLE Science Booklet B
Dear Parents, In this video, we would be touching on 5 open-ended questions that cover the following topics:                               These questions consists of the common errors made by students. We would highlight the errors that students tend to make and reasons why the answers are not awarded the full marks. Watch this video to understand how to tackle the various question types accurately.                                        ..
Exam Tips to Tackle PSLE Open-Ended Science Questions Like A Pro
Dear Parents, In this video, we would be touching on 5 open-ended questions that cover the following topics:                               These questions will further prepare you for the PSLE Science Exam. To achieve the A/A*, each question has to be answered with precision. Very often, the overall grade gets pulled down as students tend to miss out the keywords and key phrases in their answers. These 5 commonly tested topics would definitely be a good refresher for you!                                    ..
PSLE English Preparation - Rosyth 2018 Prelims
Dear Parents, Ahead of the PSLE English paper next week, Teacher Algene has selected 2018's Rosyth Prelim Paper as practice for you. In this video, he goes through the paper with you and explains why the answers are as such. We hope you find the video helpful and beneficial.  Think Teach Academy wishes all students the very best for their PSLE!                                                            ..
Using TTA’s writing structures for 10 PSLE Science Open Ended Questions
Dear Parents, The open ended questions have always been challenging for most students to score their full marks for each question type. Very often, they lose marks not because they do not understand the science concepts but because the question itself has not been fully explained.  In this video, we would be touching on 10 open-ended questions that are carefully handpicked by our team. These questions are taken from the 2020 prelim papers. Each question consists of the key concepts and the common errors made by students. We would be also highlight areas that students tends to miss out an..
How to use (BCA) method consistently for (FRP) Problem Sums
Dear Parents, Fractions-Ratio-Percentage (FRP) Problem Sums have always been daunting for students and many students still do not have a consistent approach to solving such questions.  In this video, we will be going through 8 FRP problem sums and showing you a systematic manner on how you can apply the BCA method consistently for any FRP problem sums using our 3Ps approach:                         You can download the worksheet via this link: Enjoy!                                 ..
6 PSLE Science Experiment Setup Open Ended Question Writing Structures that you must know!
In this video, we would be focusing on the Experimental Set-Up Questions mostly found in Booklet B of the Science examination paper. We would be sharing the answering techniques to tackle each of the 6 types of the experimental set-up questions:                                                                            ..
By popular demand, Teacher Algene will be doing one final rerun of his Grammar and S&T Mastery.    This mastery will be one 2h lesson and will be a condensed and updated version of the previous one he conducted. The target is to reinforce all the essentials required for the upcoming PSLE.    As before, he will be using a whole series of questions to teach your child TTA’s easy to remember tricks and techniques that would help him/her be able to answer many tricky yet commonly tested grammar questions. As a bonus, he will also cover S&T and teach some very important S&T skills!  ..
3 Ways you can Prevent Careless Mistakes For Math Problem Sums

A common trend observed by teachers at Think Teach Academy is that many students have lost marks due to careless mistakes, which often also means that students end up with scores that are not an accurate reflection of their ability. Here are some of the techniques to reduce careless mistakes made for Math carried out by our teachers at Think Teach Academy. 

Tips to Tackle Questions on Photosynthesis!

Today, I would be discussing an examination question that tests on one of the most important processes of life -  Photosynthesis!

Bacteria VS Virus

Find out more about the coronavirus!

Tips to Score for Questions on Gravity!

Tips on the topic of Gravity!

4 Steps to Master Questions on Fair Test Analysis!

In today’s blogpost, I would be discussing one of the most challenging “Experiment Type Question” that is often tested during examinations. 

4 Steps to Master Questions on Transport In Plants!

Today, I would be sharing with you a P5 question commonly tested on the topic of: Transport in Plants

Tips to Tackle Questions on Water Cycle!

We would be focusing on the topic of WATER CYCLE. This topic is heavily tested in examinations which is also related to the topic of Heat Energy. Unfortunately, many students are not able to tackle questions on water cycle accurately and are never awarded the full-marks. 

Tips to Score for Decimals!

We are going to be sharing tips to do well for Decimals! 

4 Steps to Solve Order of Operations Questions

We will be focusing on an Order of Operation question type that we see many students struggling with because they get confused with the many repeated numbers.

3 Steps to Solve Equating Numerator Questions

Over at Think Teach, we train our students to use fractions and ratio interchangeably and supplement their understanding with the ratio method.

2 Methods to Solve Confusing Before Change After Questions!

Methods to solve the same Before Change After Question.

Avoid Repeatedly Guessing and Checking your Answers Using the Assumption Method!

The above is a 5 step method, known as the Assumption Method, that can be used to solve such Guess and Check questions. The steps, Total, Extra, Difference/Sum, and Opposite, form the acronym TEDO, which we commonly use during our regular classes.

Techniques to Solve 3 Tricky Number Pattern Question Types!

Many students have always found number pattern questions difficult to solve. Here at TTA, we have broken down all the number pattern questions that can ever come out for the PSLE into 3 different question types.

Master Spelling by Using Word Association! (1)

Word association is something you can also do to help your child improve their Spelling! The more grounded and logical your word association is, the better they can remember.

Tips to Score Full Marks for This Question Type under Synthesis and Transformation!

We are going to be looking at a tricky question type under Synthesis & Transformation. This question type appears under the topic of Word Class/Parts of Speech.

Understanding Quantifiers: Less or Lesser?

We are going to be helping your child understand the difference between ‘less’ and ‘lesser’, which appears under the topic of Quantifiers in their syllabus. This is not a mistake that students alone make. Many adults are also unaware that there is an actual difference between ‘less’ and ‘lesser’.

Master Spelling by Using Word Association! (2)

Word association is something you can also do to help your child improve their Spelling! The more grounded and logical your word association is, the better they can remember.

Tips to Score for the Language Component in Continuous Writing

Language is 20 marks out of 40 marks for Continuous Writing. Hence, it is not just important to have good Content; your child needs to have a solid foundation in their Language as well.

Improve your Grammar MCQ Score by Mastering These 2 Tricky Question Tags!

We are going to be helping your child through some tricky Question Tag Grammar MCQs. Question Tags are those questions that have a positive part (+) and a negative part (-). Some of them can be quite tricky!

3 Topics For You to Master Synthesis and Transformation

We are going to be sharing tips to do well for Synthesis and Transformation!

Craft a Strong Resolution Paragraph in 3 Steps!

The Resolution paragraph is, arguably, the most important paragraph in the essay. Reason being, it is the last paragraph and so, it leaves a lasting impression on the examiner. Hence, students MUST impress with their Resolution paragraph. 

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