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Our Primary 1 and 2 programmes focus on laying the right foundation for more advanced learning in later years. Activities filled with enthralling and relatable content are incorporated into every lesson to not only make concepts easily understandable but also imbue a sense of wonder with your child so as to kickstart his or her love for learning.

Programme Outlines

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The early stages of Primary 1 and 2 are all about getting your child excited about learning and getting better in the English language. We provide your child with the most encouraging environment to perfect the basics of the language and build his or her confidence in reading, writing and speaking.

Content Coverage

- Grammar
- Vocabulary
- Sentence Formation
- Reading Comprehension
- Oral
- Narrative Writing


Introducing basic Mathematics to your young child will involve engaging him or her in relatable activities to learn everyday skills such as telling time and counting money. Solving simple problem sums with basic heuristics skills will also be taught through interactive group activities and class projects.

Content Coverage

- MOE prescribed P1 and P2 Topics
- Basic Arithmetic and Heuristics
- Basic Problem Sums


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