P6 Science MCQ Intensive Booster


Time management and precision has always been a hurdle for students to overcome to ace the PSLE Science Booklet A which consists of 28 MCQs, making up 56% of a student’s PSLE Science Grade. Thus we have specially designed a PSLE Science MCQ booster pack to help students learn the importance of speed and precision when answering MCQs. 

Personally conducted by our Head of Science, Teacher Gen, your child will learn how much time to spend on each question to ensure sufficient time for the Booklet B Open Ended Questions. Secondly, your child will learn our easy to apply skills to look for clues or key words to identify the concept to be tested. Lastly, students will apply our effective MCQ decision making skills to arrive at the correct answer with speed and precision. 

The booster pack consists of:

  1.  Two complete Mock PSLE Science Booklet A exams comprising 56 MCQs
  2. A 3h recorded video lesson that shall be reviewed after your child has completed the practice

We highly encourage your child to complete this booster pack so that he or she can:

  • Analyse a MCQ question to find useful clues that can help derive the correct answer
  • Know the right science concepts to be applied for a MCQ
  • Identify independent, dependent, and controlled variables with precision
  • Eliminate wrong options to narrow down the possible correct answers
  • Pick up techniques to answer MCQs that require the choice of one or more relevant statements


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