P6 English Exam Booster


1. Workbook containing 580 Grammar and 420 Synthesis and Transformation Questions
Our comprehensive workbooks cover every examinable question type that we have seen tested over the years. Practise and familiarise your child with them and we can confidently say that there is nothing the PSLE can test that your child has not seen before!

2. Publicly Unavailable 2023 Prelim Papers with Video Recordings to Explain Answer to Every Question
For added practice, we have also painstakingly prepared video recordings of ourselves going through five 2023 Prelim Papers from these schools:

  1. Christian Brothers’ Schools
  2. Maha Bodhi School
  3. Saint Andrew’s Junior School
  4. White Sands Primary School
  5. Jing Shan Primary School

Students are then required to attempt these Prelim papers on their own first before watching the videos to self mark these papers.

3. 5 Sets of Mock PSLE Listening Comprehension Exams
Finally, we have also designed 5 sets of Listening Comprehension Mock Exams that you can do together with your child. When it comes to Listening Comprehension, there is no real trick or technique to doing well. The best form of preparation is to practise and get increasingly more confident. And this is what we have for you!

This exam booster will be useful for both the Prelims and the PSLE this season.

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