P6 English Composition Intensive Programme


*This programme comprises existing Block 8 Master Writing Class lessons and existing students of TTA's Master Writing Classes need not enrol.*

We want your child to write the most amazing composition for his or her Preliminary Examinations and the PSLE! This is why we have designed probably the most comprehensive and intensive Composition Prep Programme ever.

This 4 lesson programme consists of 1 recorded lesson and 3 live online or centre based lessons. Parents are encouraged to watch the first recorded lesson to have a better understanding of our signature Storyline Approach! The programme targets the upcoming Preliminary Examinations and covers 5 of our signature storylines. We will show your child how to adapt these stories to answer 23 Past Year Preliminary Examinations and PSLE Compo Topics! And yes, there will be accompanying model compos for all these topics! We are confident that out of these 5 stories, your child will definitely be able to use at least 1 to answer his or her Preliminary Examination question.

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