Lesson Recording: PSLE Paper 1 Push Classes



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Lesson Recording: PSLE Paper 1 Push Classes

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This is the final and much needed PUSH your child needs for PSLE English Composition and Situational Writing! I will be personally conducting the classes wherein I will focus on 2 main approaches: Our Copy not Embellish Approach for Situational Writing and Our One Storyline Approach for Composition.


For those of you who do not know what our One Storyline Approach is, it is really simple. At Think Teach, we arm our students with flexible and effective storylines and teach them how to adapt them to fit and answer as many composition topics as possible. This way, students do not have to come up with a new story from scratch during the exam. They would have our storylines in their back pockets, and all they need to do is to fish one out and make some adjustments so that the chosen storyline fits snugly into the exam topic. 


Our students have used our storylines to answer PSLE Compo topics from 2016 to 2020. We are sure our storylines will work their magic again for 2021! 


For Composition, I will be covering and adding a new twist to our very versatile Snail Boy and Star Storylines. I will teach students how to perform both Simple and Complex Adaptations to these storylines so that they can fit a whole range of questions. Model compositions will also be provided for students' references.